Rusty's Stabilizers - Double Steering - JK


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RS-DS33-JK-Factory

Larger and heavier tires and wheels place a heavy burden on the steering system, and keeping those tires under control is more than the factory steering stabilizer can handle. Upgrading the stock stabilizer with a heavy-duty aftermarket version helps, but effective steering control often means adding a dual stabilizer system. There are a lot of other JK Dual Steering Stabilizer kits on the market, but all of them hang one or more of the stabilizers below or in front of the tie rod, where it is vulnerable to trail damage. A single off-road trip can destroy a low-hanging stabilizer, which then often interferes with the rest of the vehicle's steering and compromises safety.

Rusty's Dual Stabilizer Kit locates the cylinders above the tie rod, up and out of the way from damaging trail obstacles. Sold as a complete kit that includes the stabilizers, mounting brackets, and related hardware.


Important Fitment Note: 

Please make sure to review and select the correct tubing size for your application. If you are using the Factory JK Steering please select the "Factory JK Steering" option.

If you are using either of our Rusty's HD Steering Conversion - JK Wrangler (Part# RS-SC850-JK) or Rusty's HD Cartridge Steering Conversion - JK Wrangler (Part# RS-SC450-JK) please select the "Rusty's JK HD Steering Conversion" option. When this option is selected you will reuse the supplied steering stabilizer mounting bracket included with the Rusty's JK HD Steering Conversion Kit and be supplied another with this product to attach the second steering stabilizer. 

If you are using another company's steering components we suggest that you verify the tubing size diameter to ensure that it matches either 1-1/2" Diameter or 1-3/4" Diameter tubing option and select the corresponding selection "1.5-Inch Diameter" or "1.75" Diameter". When either of these selections is selected we will include Qty:2 matching  Rusty's Clamp Style Steering Stabilizer Mounting Bracket (Part# RS-TRM950) to fit the selected tube size.