Daystar Cam Can Complete Kit - Green


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Daystar's Award Winning Cam Can is the...

Daystar's Award Winning Cam Can is the most convenient and safest way to transport potable water! The Cam Can system mounts in the center of spare tire or with a universal mount. The Cam Can can be used in conjunction with the other popular Cam Can systems and Cam Can mounting plates fit the following bolt patterns 5 x 4-1/2, 5x5, 5 x5-1/2 and 6 x 5-1/2.


  • Holds Coolant and Oil or Any Non-Fuel Liquids
  • Each Cam Can holds 2 gallons
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Lockable Center Shaft for anti theft
  • Interlocking cams allow you to stack Cam Can units
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Go Everywhere Warranty
  • Made in the USA